The debt collection company prevents you from entering into random estimates and provides optimum solutions in getting your debts on time.

There are several reasons that make the debt collection profession the worst and most anxious of the business sector, especially because of the negative economic consequences and consumption of administrative human resources for collection operations, which weakens the feasibility of collecting them. Therefore, debt collection companies are considered a safe haven for customers, whether from the business sector or individuals who suffer from consequences and problems in collection that represent an obstacle to the progress of their business.

We in Collectivity provide integrated solutions in the field of debt collection and management, through administrative and legal follow-up, and at a lower cost to ensure the preservation of the quality of debts and find them economically.

About Us

We are Collectivity Debt Collection Company, the company that registered with the Ministry of Industry and Trade under Commercial Registration No. 112574-4. We are the specialized arm in the field of debt collection and amicable settlements of MEZAL, MARHOON, ALAALI  & ASSOCIATES (MMALF) Law Firm, Legal Consultation and Arbitration, the leading company in its field since 1977.

We at the Collectivity Debt Collection Company, stems from what we have inherited of accumulated experiences, customs and traditions that have taken root over the course of 46 years, as speed in completion, accuracy of work and honesty are what we have rooted in and interceded with using the latest means of technology.

Our Mission is continuous development in debt collection and management to provide the best professional services to meet the satisfaction and sustainability of our customers.

We are ready to fight to restore your financial balance

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Tel: 17223117 - 17223994
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Head Office

Seef Hub
Building 1014, Office 133,  Floor 13
Road 3621, Block 436 - Seef Area