Team Work

A team with great experience in insolvent, deferred and earlier debts as well as the complicated financial liabilities.

Professional Process

Accurate procedures and quick reach to get crucial and effective consequences, also distinct experiments, theoretical awareness, legal knowledge and practical experience.

Tracing Information

The possibility to reach databases through many significant sources.

Legal Action

The Legal Department has Specialized Lawyers in presenting unprecedented services in accordance with their strong relations with the Competent Authorities.
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    Team Work
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    Professional Process
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    Tracing Information
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    Legal Action

Who We Are

We are Collectivity Debt Collection Company, the company that registered with the Ministry of Industry and Trade under Commercial Registration No. 112574-4. We are the specialized arm in the field of debt collection and amicable settlements of MIZAAL, MARHOON, ALAALI & ASSOCIATES (MMALF) Law Firm, Legal Consultation and Arbitration, the leading company in its field since 1977. 

Our Services

Debt Services that we Provide for Companies & Individuals..

Other Service

Work Teams

We at MMALF and CDC believe in the spirit of one work team formed of work teams that support each other and complement each other, and for that, we have been and still are in close ranks with different work teams, the most prominent of which are:

• Management Team

• Legal Team

• Debt Collectors Team

• Logistics Support Team

• Judicial Follow-Up Team

• Accounting Team

• Customer Services Team

• Media Teams

• Development and Human Development Team



Is the life blood of businesses and a measure of success and continuity in business



We are ready to fight to restore your financial balance

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Contacts Info

Tel: 17223117 - 17223994
Mobile: 33666117
Our Timings: Sun - Thur 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Head Office

Seef Hub
Building 1014, Office 133,  Floor 13
Road 3621, Block 436 - Seef Area